A fantastic colour for spring summer 2011 - Chartreuse

Published: 23rd May 2011
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Chartreuse is green on acid and it is a hot colour in the world of fashion and interiors. If you are looking at giving your house a summer makeover, this vibrant colour transforms a dull living area into a bright luxurious parlour and shouts out ‘sensational summer’.

Chartreuse isn't a colour you see on a common basis, though it's more ordinary than you might think if you really start looking for it, especially in the area of nature. You will find it amongst trees and plants glistening in the sun and is also apparent on the feathers of a particular species of bird.

This colour really stands out and makes a wonderful accent in the home and wardrobe. You can almost spice up an outfit or inject passion into your living area by choosing this colour.

As this colour is so bright it should only be used with minimal effect but would make the statement you need. Try upholstering tired looking chairs or buffets with a fabric in this colour and you could chose a luxurious simla silk to create richness and elegance. If you have a dark leather sofa – bright Chartreuse cushions can give it an ultra contemporary modern look that just oozes- sophistication and class. Covering a sofa with a luxury, warm throw can instantly transform the look and feel of your seating area. It almost invites your guests to take a seat and enjoy the warmth and feel of the room.

Silk wallpaper can be used on adjacent wall to create a shanghai saloon feel. When this colour catches the light it really glistens and gives off a summer aurora. If you fear that this colour may well be a little over the top then use it kindly and wisely. In a sense that you just trim the edge of cushions, bring in a glass vase or candle holder. It might be worth swapping your curtains for a new pair that incorporates this colour.

If you are quite adventurous but like to bring variation into your colour palette, this would be perfect for mixing with many other colours including deep red, orange, light yellow, grape, white and natural wood tones.

Chartreuse is not only hot in the world of interior but is also a hit amongst the fashion freaks at the moment. Hot off the catwalk with online retailers stocking blouses and cami- tops min this striking colour. It can be worn against black or denim to create a hot and most wanted look for this summer. Unlike the colour yellow which can appear sickly against some skin tones, chartreuse is slightly warming and more flattering for curvy figures.

If you are planning a wedding incorporating this colour into your chosen scheme may also be an idea. It appears that it is very fashionable for accessories and guest invitations. Bridesmaids holding a beautiful display of flowers with a splash of this colour is sure to catch the attention of the guests.

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